Why Premium Vanilla Beans is so expensive ?



Probably we have the same question, "Why Premium Vanilla Beans is so expensive? Oh, why Gourmet Vanilla is a queen!?". Well, no worries, we are in the same track. Look and check again how the farmers work from plantation till we get Gourmet Vanilla Beans.
I will let you know how our farmers work.


First : Plantation.

Extra value for agriculture business is "How to get Gourmet Vanilla Beans from plantation till ready to sell?". Especially for Gourmet Vanilla Beans, it can be five or six times expensiver than freshly picked Vanilla Beans. Let say, freshly picked Vanilla Beans has 80% moisture, and it has to be processed become 35% moisture or even more. Let's imagine, 1 kg freshly picked Vanilla Beans can be more and less become 120 gr dry Vanilla Beans.


Second : Process.

We have four steps before you can order from us. Take a look first work preparation, from freshly picked till dry Vanilla Beans with 35% moisture we need more and less 3 months sun dried to get the best ones. On processing 3 months, our farmers have to check one by one skin of Vanilla Beans every step. We have to treat Vanilla Beans as good as possible, no scratches by accident, no mold during processing and the important thing is temperature. For this process, step by step we can't play with temperature, because Vanilla Beans need stable temperature to get Gourmet grade.


Third : Grading.

Who loves premium products? Hands up, please! Hmm, we all love gourmet grade for sure.
We are here almost selling the products, just take a look how centimeters long we have for first grade or we call it Gourmet Vanilla Beans or Premium Vanilla Beans.
The longest Vanilla Beans we have, the Gourmet grade we can give and for sure you will get more beans inside the skin of Vanilla Beans itself.